Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture

About Us

Photo of the Robert Mondavi Institute and grounds

We make connections between systems, projects, timelines, scales of work, disciplines and departments. Because of our long term connection to this place and the various scales in which we work we have a deep understanding of the campus - how it functions, how people use space, it’s systems and the stewards of those, and we apply that knowledge to all of our design work. We also apply that expertise and understanding to coordinate planning and design decisions with consultants, campus stakeholders, and our campus partners.

CPLA also houses the campus GIS specialist who maintains the campus map and is a tremendous resource for campus geographic information and the maintenance and organization of that information.

Contact Information

Christina De Martini Reyes
Campus Landscape Architect
(530) 752-3161

Nick Burke
Assistant Landscape Architect
(530) 752-5283

Chris M. DiDio
GIS Specialist
(530) 752-7609
38.535459°, -121.750313°

Skip C. Mezger
Campus Landscape Architect Emeritus