Bikeway and Transit Network Study (BTNS)

The UC Davis Bikeway and Transit Network Study (BTNS) began in March 2008 and was completed in February 2009. As a long-range planning effort, the purpose of the BTNS is to improve bicycle and transit access to meet today’s demand and position these networks for future growth.

Photo: Karin Higgins/UC Davis
To achieve these goals, the BTNS focuses on developing a flexible bikeway network that can accommodate incremental growth and that provides improved connections throughout campus with particular emphasis on connections between the Central Campus and the planned West Village.

The BTNS provides a blueprint for the campus’ future bikeway and transit network by recommending specific improvements to upgrade existing infrastructure and outlining where new facilities are needed. As implementation is crucial to the success of any plan, the BTNS provides an overview of conceptual costs, priorities, funding sources, and implementation issues.

Users of this website will find the final BTNS report (in two sections to facilitate downloading). The body of the report documents the planning effort, public involvement, and the planned future network. The appendices provide additional detail with Appendix A (Focus Study Areas) provided as individual sheets to show the detailed planning effort that was completed for specific areas of campus.

The following links access the final BTNS document: